Transcripture n. /trænˈskrɪptʃə(r)/

Trio With "Solo for Wounded CD"

A transcription of Yasunao Tone's pioneering CD glitch work "Solo for Wounded CD" for trio of acoustic instruments and playback exploring the ability of human listeners and performers to interact with the mechanical/digital performer, in this case a CD player and its error correction software.

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Performance Practice: Rampal

A transcription of a performance of one of Telemann's flute fantasias by the eminent 20th century flautist Jean-Pierre Rampal examining the recording as a technology which writes new works made by performers into microphones.

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Holy Ghost People Still

United Society of Believers in Christ's Third Appearing

In progress: A performance for bass clarinet, television, talk box, amplification and witness in two movements: I. Manifestations and II. Holy Ghost People.

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Machine Transcription I: fiddle~

My first in a series of transcriptions of machine performers by machine transcribers, starting with a piece of software by Miller Puckette and Ted Apel which imitates a basic human pitch identification mechanism; that of identifying partials in a sound and summing them to a single pitch with a particular timbre.

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Machine Transcription II: Soltec 4202a

A second work in the Machine Transcription series transforming an auditory understanding of Tone's "Solo for Wounded CD" into a tactile one, revealing the immense scribble that is a few seconds of audio.

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