Trio With Wounded CD

Manual transcription for acoustic instruments and vibrating panels of Yasunao Tone’s Solo for Wounded CD. Performed by ensemble et cetera. Part of a series that I called Machine Transcriptions, an attempt to investigate the conversation between machines, performance, scores and listening.

Repeat After Me: Lunar Landing


6 varying height stretched canvases approximately 60” high and 12” wide occupying 216” of wall space with transducers and processed audio

Through custom software, audio recordings from the news broadcast of the first human lunar landing are analyzed for pitch content. The resulting spectral components are assigned to individual speakers which are indecipherable at close range but at a distance, sum together and become decipherable speech.

Machine Transcription: Soltec 4202a

One in a series of “transcriptions” of sound by machine listeners, this time an analog chart recorder: the Soltec 4202a. A super slowed recording of Yasunao Tone’s “Solo for Wounded CD” was fed directly into the chart recorder and the output was allowed to pour out of the front of the machine onto the floor, slowly drawing the immense scribble that is a few seconds of audio.