Euphonia – PVDFest 2019

A sound installation by myself and partner Nichole Speciale (C&N Projects) for the annual summer festival of Providence, RI, PVDFest, selected from their call for art. Official description of the project in Festival signage:

Euphonia is an audio installation proposed for a secluded portion of Fulton Street which uses speakers and microphones embedded in a group of 3 colorful, stilted boxes of varying heights to create an aural portrait of visitors to downtown Providence. Visitors would be invited to speak into a microphone in the front of each sculpture for recording and processing by the audio equipment embedded inside the piece. Newly recorded sounds from each of the three sculptures would be prominently featured before slowly fading in volume until they reach the level of a mumble and join other contributions spoken into the installation before them. Through this process the sounds contributed by visitors would mingle to create an aural cloud of voices creating a forum in which participants interact with each other indirectly across the duration of the installation or together in playful experiment with the system. The resulting collection of sounds acts as an oral record of PVDFest 2019.”

The PureData patch controlling the interactive audio. Running on a Raspberry Pi controlled remotely.

Book of Hours

A study in scored silence intended for private contemplative reading. Each part of the collection has a duration of one hour.